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Passive Voice Misuse Checker and Fixer

To check my paper for passive voice it’s imperative to learn the following about passive voice misuses in a text. Passive voice is a form of writing where the subject receives the action of the verb. It’s considered an incorrect and weak form of constructing sentences in formal and informal writing. A few passive voices in a text are acceptable, although excessive use distorts the meaning and makes the sentences hard to read. The below sentences illustrate examples of passive voices and the correct order in a sentence:

A rabbit was chased by a lion. The correct order is:  A lion chased a rabbit.

The flat tire was changed by Agnes. The correct order is:  Agnes changed the flat tire.

Find Passive Voice Misuse in My Paper

It is not easy to correct passive voices, especially in complex sentences. Occasionally, people make mistakes with tenses, misuse verbs, do not recognize regular verbs, and fail to adhere to singular or plural grammatical directives. Such mistakes create complicated sentences, which reduces the coherency and readability of the document. Therefore, a passive voice misuse checker helps on how to fix passive  voice misuse in a text. It skims through the text, identifies the passive voices, and proposes the best sentence construction.  The icing of the passive voice changer helps the writer to correct the passive mistakes through its click and fix functionality.

How to Identify Passive Voice Misuse in a Paper

Our passive voice misuse checker is very reliable since it contains the Add-Ins functionality that attaches to the word document to simplify the process of checking and correcting.

The passive voice misuse checker and fixer downloads and installs super fast and efficient to start off the checking process.

It highlights all the mistakes and using the active voice detector it provides accurate actual words suitable for a specific form of writing.  Therefore, the tool is a powerful assistive technology for academic, scientific, and business writing.  

Again, it offers helpful cues that provide excellent sentence construction and improve the paper’s readability to professional levels.

The fixer offers actual suggestions that make the process simple and straightforward.

It comes with a well-illustrated report that enhances the quality of the paper. Check passive voice misuse for free or download the premium functionality that makes it easier and suitable for any user.

It’s important to note that a  passive checker is not a regular grammar tool since passive voices are not grammatical errors.  Passive voice is a flawed method of sentence construction that weakens and reduces clarity.  Therefore, it’s advisable to use a checker explicitly designed for passive voices.

Common Mistakes Related to Passive Voice

Common mistakes in the use of passive voice arise from intransitive and transitive verbs. It means the verb may or may not require an object to make a complete sentence. People take transitive and intransitive verbs casually, which leads to mistakes while constructing sentences. Transitive means the action is transferable to someone or something.

The intransitive verb is the opposite of the transitive verb, meaning it does not require the object. For example: She sang. The dog ran. These sentences cannot be paired with objects, and thus any combination creates complex passive voices, resulting in challenging sentences that are difficult to read.

Passive Voice Detector

Our tool allows word documents Add-Ins which make it easy to detect passive voice while writing.  Once the tool is downloaded and pin to the taskbar, it’s easier and convenient to correct the mistakes anytime. To get the Add-Ins to the word document, register and subscribe to free or premium services.   The premium services come with enhanced features for complex texts.

A free passive checker has a limitation on the length and the number of corrections. So it’s imperative to subscribe to the premium option to enjoy the full functionality of the tool.  The checker is well illustrated on the best way to use the tool.  It starts by copy-pasting the content on the checker and following the instructions to get the desired results.

Active Voice Checker

Apart from the passive misuse voice checker and fixer,  our tool contains functionality checks for active voice.  It is a straightforward process that starts by copy-pasting the text in the online checker and pressing the search process button.

The checker skims through the document doing a thorough language check highlighting the grammar and the spelling mistakes.  It also highlights the passive voices and recommends the best active voices.

After the checker completes to identify the mistakes, it’s advisable to click through changing to the required active voices. Once the process is complete, copy and paste the text into the word document.

Passive Voice Misuse Finder

The importance of our passive voice misuse checker and fixer is identifying and highlighting the mistakes. So the writer requires little effort to check through the document and finds the passive voices.

Through the passive voice misuse finder, the writer enjoys a variety of suggestions and quality words that improves the text readability. All these functions are contained in one checker with a friendly interface that is quick and easy to read.

Passive to Active Voice Converter

Converting passive to active voice manually is a stressful and complex process. But the active to passive sentence converter software makes the process straightforward. The tool works magic because of its excellent functionality, equipped with the best algorithms that leave no passive voices in the text. The algorithm is verifiable and updated to suit any form of writing and provides excellent results within the shortest period.

Our tool offers available functionality for passive voice to active voice converter in the online platform. Upload the document or copy and paste the text in the converter and follow the rules to correct from passive to active.  The process is free, although it may get limited depending on the length of the paper. 

After completing the checking and fixing process, it is possible to download or cut and paste to word. Ensure to save the changes after downloading or copy-pasting.

Passive Sentence Checker

Our tool is not only a single word checker but extends to check on the sentences.  Occasionally, individuals construct sentences in a passive structure that requires conversion to the active structure. 

The passive voice misuse checker and fixer comes with a capacity to rectify a whole sentence from passive voice to active voice. The active-passive sentence converter software comes with other capabilities for single words and suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Passive Voice Editor

Our tool is a passive voice editor equipped with the best algorithm to detect and correct sentences and words from passive to active voices. The editor offers a straightforward process on how to get rid of passive voice misuse content and provides accurate and verifiable results. The texts become more appealing, readable, and informative. The following are the frequently asked questions by our passive voice misuse checker and fixer users. 

How is it possible to identify passive voice misuse?

To identify passive voice misuse in the paper or text, login into our online tool. Use your registration details to get access to premium services. Copy and paste the text or upload it directly to the software. Once the upload completes, press the start button to authorize the check process. The scan may take a minute or so, depending on the length of the text.

What is the most effective way to get rid of passive voice misuse?

The most effective way on how to make a passive sentence active is to use our checker and fixer . The tool works magic in identifying and suggesting quality word replacement from passive and active voices.  It’s a straightforward and automated process built using the best language algorithm.  The click and correct process simplify any form of writing to quality finishing.

In what cases can I write in passive voice?

There are many instances when to use passive voices. For instance:

1) Use passive voices when the actor of the message is not important. Example: Alexa paintings were made in the stone age period. Because we do not know the painters, then a passive voice plays the part. 

2) We use passive voices when telling a general truth. For instance: A common saying that’ rules are made to be broken.’ It takes up the passive voice since we are not aware of who makes and breaks the rules.

3) Passive voice is applicable when communicating a fact about a thing or a person, for instance: Diabetes was first discovered in the 1920s by scientists from the University of Toronto. The disease is still the primary cause of death in the world.

4) Some genres rely entirely on passive voices, for instance, in scientific research, lab results, materials, and methods. For example: The sodium hydroxide was dissolved in water.

What is the best method of fixing passive and active voice mistakes?

The best method to change passive voice to active voice passive is through our checker and fixer. The tool comes with a well-updated algorithm that checks the document and provides accurate word suggestions. The checker and fixer reduce the time needed to conduct a manual check. And also provide the best solutions with coherency to improve the text readability.

Will my paper be 100% accurate once I use a passive voice detector?

Yes, the passive voice detector is 100% accurate in detecting and replacing words and sentences. It takes less time and effort to correct passive to active voices.

Is passive sentence checker free?

Yes, the passive voice checker and fixer are free, but the functionality is limited for a specific word. Subscribe to premium services to maximize on the checker and get the best functionalities.

Use our passive voice misuse checker and fixer for quick results!